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The Basic Version

Please note the version we are to you here is the current BASIC version.

This is what the current pricing will be on this product when we release it Next Month. The Basic Version for 1 License will be $99 upfront and 14.99 Monthly (this is what we are providing to you) KEEP READING!

The Lifetime version, for one license, of this will be $499. So… For the Ranking Factory Members, we are Waiving The Upfront Fee and have to ask for $8.99 a month.

I know I said we thought it would be $4.25 but by adding the API Feature which will deliver the done articles to the Local Folders on your computer, that aspect or feature is costing way more than we anticipated and it is well worth the cost just to keep everything simple and “on your local machine” for all members.

Exponentially Increase your RANKINGS by using unique, automatically created SEO-optimized Perfect Content ready to be published in just three easy steps.

Not only Save Big Money But ALSO Get really good Content For Free!

You don’t have to waste huge amounts of money on writers to get less than Perfect Content for PBNs, tier 1 links, link building campaigns or even money sites

Unique Perfect Content For Your Mass Page Sites!

Easily get totally unique perfect content ready to import for all mass page creators like SerpShaker, SerpFarm, Domination Robot, Lead Gadget and many more and is totally geo-targeted with shortcodes in random places within subtitles and page content.

Target & Rank for 100s of Long-tail Keywords

Target and rank all long-tail keywords from your niche with the best content that ranks simply on the strength of the content itself, in many cases.

Perfect Content Is King

We produce totally related LSI content that ranks on Google. Take many first spots on Google and dominate ranking with the best auto generated content!

Easy Setup! Very Little Learning Curve

​After install, just load up your proxies and you are ready to add your keywords. Once you have dozens of keywords returned to you, just push start and wait a few minutes and your articles will appear and will be up to 100% perfectly readable.It is JUST THAT EASY!!!

​​Produces Perfect HTML Files

​Never struggle with HTML creation again. Ready-made HTML files produced for YOU. Just copy and paste into your site and Wham-Bam you are done. Spin articles to be used on many pages (Great for Local). Use the City-State-Zip short codes. Auto-create authority external links with your Anchor Text Keywords.

Multiple Output Formats!

You can choose between multiple formats: from huge nested spintax, to single spun files, original articles, sentence separated files all formatted nicely with HTML included videos, images, h1, h2, h3 titles with related keywords sprinkled trough the article.

​The Content Factory process of gathering the Perfect Content for your needs is by far the Most Advanced and Leading Solution for securing content that Google Already Loves.

​Discover why 10s of Thousands of Sites are already Powered by the Content Factory.



​Why use other peoples videos when You can Import Your highly optimized videos (0-10) into each article we produce for you. Helps to Highly Rank Your Content!!!


​Our spinner allows you chose the Character Limit. This allows you have perfect content spun for your YouTube description and or other limited character restriction environments, like Titles or Twitter content.

Use Your Own Images

Select Your Own Highly Optimized (Metadata Stuffed) Images (not other people’s links)

Custom Spin ReWriter Recipes

Super Custom Spin Rewriter recipes to make your content even that much better. NO ONE IS DOING THIS!!!

Create External Authority Links

Create Authority External Links or build links to all YOUR sites within each article

API to Other Sites & Mass Page Builders

API to many sites and to other Mass Page Builder software programs

RSS Snippets

Grab just the exact amount of Data to use for RSS Snippet Feeds

Language Training

How to use Perfect Content creator with other languages– Very COOL

4-6 New Ideas in the works!

Plus at least 4-6 new ideas that we have approved

Limited Time Offer

Order The Basic Version Of Content Factory For Only $8.99/mo

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